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Mostrati risultati da 89.485 a 89.504 di 95.936
Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Time domain assessment of nonlinear coupled ship motions and sloshing in free surface tanks 1-gen-2015 BULIAN, GABRIELE +
Time Domain Simulation of Transient Roll Motion of a Ship with Liquids with Free Surface 1-gen-1992 ARMENIO, VINCENZOCONTENTO, GIORGIOFRANCESCUTTO, ALBERTO +
Time Driven Activity Based Costing: spunti di riflessione dall’analisi di un caso 1-gen-2015 DE ROSA, BrunoBERTONI, MICHELE
Time evolution of Ce as traced by APOGEE using giant stars observed with the Kepler, TESS and K2 missions 1-gen-2023 Grisoni, V.Cescutti, G.Matteucci, F. +
Time Evolution of Plasmonic Features in Pentagonal Ag Clusters 1-gen-2023 Stener, MauroToffoli, DanieleCoccia, Emanuele +
Time Evolution of Plasmonic Features in Pentagonal Ag Clusters 1-gen-2023 Stener M.Toffoli D.Coccia E. +
Time evolution of the aftershock sequence relative to the September 16, 1977 Friuli earthquake 1-gen-1982 SUHADOLC, PETER
Time for a change in the management of small testicular masses: Results of a large multicentric retrospective study on testis sparing surgery 1-gen-2018 Rizzo M.Claps F.Liguori G.Trombetta C.Franco G. +
Time from hospital admission to CT scan in the severely injured patients (ISS>15). Data from the first Italian Multicenter Trauma Registry. 1-gen-2008 Sanson G +
Time heterogeneous programs of vaccination awareness: modeling and analysis 1-gen-2018 D'ONOFRIO A +
Time of arrival estimation of LTE signals for positioning: bounds and algorithms 7-mar-2016 DRIUSSO, MARCO
Time off: entertainment, games and pass times in Palestine between the end of the Ottoman Empire and the British Mandate 1-gen-2015 BALDAZZI, CRISTIANA
Time point relaxation Runge-Kutta methods for ordinary differential equations 1-gen-1993 BELLEN, ALFREDOZENNARO, MARINO +
Time reconstruction and performance of the CMS electromagnetic calorimeter 1-gen-2010 DELLA RICCA, GIUSEPPE +
Time required for a complete skin examination with and without dermoscopy: a prospective, randomized multicenter study 1-gen-2008 Zalaudek, Iris +
Time resolved core level photoemission experiments with synchrotron radiation 1-gen-1996 BARALDI, AlessandroCOMELLI, GIOVANNI +
Time resolved pump-probe scattering in MnAs/GaAs(001): A look into the dynamics of α-β Stripe domains 1-gen-2012 FERRARI, EUGENIODE NINNO, GIOVANNI +
Time resolved resonant photoemission study of energy level alignment at donor/acceptor interfaces 1-gen-2017 COSTANTINI, ROBERTOCossaro, A.Morgante, A.Dell'Angela, M. +
Time series clustering of online gambling activities for addicted users’ detection 1-gen-2021 Fallacara E.Manzoni L. +
Time series modeling of the hydrologic signal in geodetic measurements 1-gen-2001 BRAITENBERG, CARLA +
Mostrati risultati da 89.485 a 89.504 di 95.936
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