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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
The vertical structure annual cycle of the mass field parameters in the Gulf of Trieste 1-gen-1983 STRAVISI, FRANCO
The very broad-band data acquisition of the long-base tiltmeters of Grotta Gigante (Trieste, Italy) 1-gen-2004 BRAITENBERG, CARLA +
The very-broad-band long-base tiltmeters of Grotta Gigante (Trieste, Italy): Secular term tilting and the great Sumatra-Andaman islands earthquake of December 26, 2004 1-gen-2006 BRAITENBERG, CARLA +
The Vibrational Fine Structure of Chemisorbed C2H4 Molecules in the (1s-1π*) State 1-gen-1990 COMELLI, GIOVANNI +
The VIP (Violation of the Pauli Exclusion Principle) Experiment 1-gen-2007 MILOTTI, EDOARDO +
The VIP experiment 1-gen-2006 MILOTTI, EDOARDO +
The VIP experiment 1-gen-2009 MILOTTI, EDOARDO +
The VIP experimental limit on the Pauli Exclusion Principle violation by electrons 1-gen-2010 MILOTTI, EDOARDO +
The visual search in service return in table tennis 1-gen-2008 BIANCHI, BRUNOAGOSTINI, TIZIANO +
The Voice of Resistance in Concentrationary Music 1-gen-2013 CARRIERI, ALESSANDRO
The Voice of the Forgotten. Narrating Justice in Italian Culture 1-gen-2007 ADAMO, SERGIA
The Voltage Sags Matrix: a Useful Tool for Power Quality Analysis 1-gen-2002 QUAIA, STEFANO +
The voltage sensor of the mitochondrial permeability transition pore is tuned by the oxidation-reduction state of vicinal thiols. Increase of the gating potential by oxidants and its reversal by reducing agents. 1-gen-1994 PASSAMONTI, SABINA +
The vortex—an early predictor of cardiovascular outcome? 1-gen-2014 PEDRIZZETTI, Gianni +
The vulnerability of complex karst hydrostructures: Problems and perspectives. 1-gen-2005 CUCCHI, FRANCOZINI, Luca +
The water-melt interaction during explosive volcanism explored by Sr isotopic composition and water speciation in glasses: application to the Cretaio tephra of Ischia (South Italy). 1-gen-2001 SLEJKO, FRANCESCA FEDERICAPETRINI, RICCARDO +
The Wave Motion generation in Venice: the progressive Defence of the Town against the damage caused by boat Waves 1-gen-1995 ZOTTI, IGOR +
The Way to Go: Multi-Level Temporal Logics 1-gen-1999 PERON, ADRIANO +
The way to go: Multi-level temporal logics 1-gen-1999 PERON, ADRIANO +
The Ways of Fiction: Storytelling Goes to Court in Cooper’s Last Novel 1-gen-2003 BUONOMO, LEONARDO
Mostrati risultati da 88.520 a 88.539 di 95.549
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