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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
The other side of bulge formation in a Λ cold dark matter cosmology: bulgeless galaxies in the local Universe 1-gen-2011 MONACO, Pierluigi +
The outcome of Wilms' tumor in infants. Italy 1970-79. 1-gen-1982 TAMARO, PAOLO +
The Outside-In Formation of Elliptical Galaxies 1-gen-2006 MATTEUCCI, MARIA FRANCESCA +
The Outward Projection of Italian Firms: Facts and Figures on Foreign Affiliates 1-gen-2012 Marco Giansoldati +
The overlapping between TRAIL and OPG could contribute to an enhancement of the erosive processes induced by human synovial cells 1-gen-2009 NICOLIN, VANESSABAREGGI, RENATONARDUCCI, PAOLA
The Owl/Airwatch Experiment: the Focal Plane Detector 1-gen-2000 STALIO, ROBERTOGREGORIO, ANNA +
The Pacific Entrance of the Magellan Strait: Preliminary Results of a Seismic and Sampling Survey. 1-gen-2000 BARTOLE, ROBERTOCOLIZZA, ESTER +
”The Pain Within: Female Bodies, Illness and Motherhood in Contemporary Irish Fiction”. In Textus. English Studies in Italy 1-gen-2000 GEFTER WONDRICH, ROBERTA
The painful prosthesis in the treatment of hallux rigidus 1-gen-2012 VALENTINI, ROBERTOPIOVAN, GIANLUCABERNOBI, SERGIODORDOLIN, PIETROFANCELLU, GIOVANNI
The PAMELA experiment in space 1-gen-2001 SCHIAVON, PAOLO +
The Pamela experiment ready for flight. 1-gen-2007 SCHIAVON, PAOLO +
The PAMELA experiment: light-nuclei selection with stand-alone detectors 1-gen-2013 FORMATO, VALERIOJERSE, GIOVANNAMOCCHIUTTI, EMILIANOMUNINI, RICCARDOVACCHI, Andrea +
The PAMELA Experiment: Preliminary Results after Two Years of Data Taking” 1-gen-2008 JERSE, GIOVANNA +
The paradox of the diatom - copepod interaction 1-gen-1997 FONDA, SERENA +
The Paraná large igneous magmatism at surface and lower crustal levels 1-gen-2012 MARIANI, PATRIZIABRAITENBERG, CARLADE MIN, ANGELO +
"The parental origin of hydatidiform moles and blighted ova: molecular probing with hypervariable DNA polymorphisms" 1-gen-1993 GASPARINI, PAOLO +
The Pari-Mutuel Model 1-gen-2009 PELESSONI, RENATOVICIG, PAOLO +
The Partial Discharge Amplitude Distribution Analysis Technique: A Modern Tool for Evaluating Stator Insulation Caracteristics of High Voltage Rotating Machinery 1-gen-1985 CONTIN, ALFREDO +
The passive skin secrection of cobalt in vitro system 1-gen-2006 LARESE FILON, FRANCESCAADAMI, GIANPIEROBOVENZI, MASSIMO +
Mostrati risultati da 88.560 a 88.579 di 96.313
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