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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Thousands of Tetrarchy Folles all over the World: ad Hypothesis of Re-composition 1-gen-2019 Bruno CallegherFavretto Andrea
Threading of Conformationally Stable Calix[6]arene Wheels Substituted at the Methylene Bridges 1-gen-2019 Geremia S.Hickey N. +
Three - dimensional fold structure of the Tibetian Moho from GRACE gravity data 1-gen-2009 BRAITENBERG, CARLA +
Three Approaches to Classical Thermal Field Theory 1-gen-2011 GOZZI, ENNIO +
Three Cases of Bartonella quintana Infection in Children 1-gen-2015 VENTURA, ALESSANDROTADDIO, ANDREA +
A Three Decade Mixed-Method Bibliometric Investigation of the IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management 1-gen-2020 Marzi G. +
Three decades of seismic activity at Mt. Vesuvius: 1972-1999 1-gen-2004 PERESAN, ANTONELLAPANZA, GIULIANO +
Three dermoscopic signs of growth of pigmented lesions 1-gen-2015 Zalaudek, Iris +
Three dimensional modeling of mercury cycling in the Gulf of Trieste. 1-gen-1999 COVELLI, STEFANO +
Three dimensional numerical assessment of the right ventricular flow using 4D echocardiography boundary data. 1-gen-2012 PEDRIZZETTI, Gianni +
Three dimensional printing of an atrial septal defect: Is it multimodality imaging? 1-gen-2016 FAGANELLO, GIORGIOCAMPANA, CARLOBELGRANO, MANUEL GIANVALERIODI LENARDA, ANDREA +
Three Dimensional Reconstruction of the Functional Strain-Line Pattern in the Left Ventricle from 3D Echocardiography 1-gen-2012 PEDRIZZETTI, Gianni +
Three dimensional visualization of engineered bone and soft tissue by combined x-ray micro-diffraction and phase contrast tomography 1-gen-2014 RIGON, LUIGIARFELLI, FULVIA +
Three energy computed tomography with synchrotron radiation 1-gen-1997 ARFELLI, FULVIA +
Three existence principles in a modal calculus without descriptions in A. Bressan's MC^nu 1-gen-1980 OMODEO, EUGENIO
Three Extra Mirror or Sequential Families: Case for a Heavy Higgs Boson and Inert Doublet 1-gen-2011 NESTI, FABRIZIO +
Three fundamental issues in parametric linguistics 1-gen-2008 LONGOBARDI, Giuseppe +
Three hours of sleep per day: Whether monophasic or polyphasic, sleep architecture remains the same 1-gen-1993 CAVALLERO, CORRADO +
The Three Hundred project: a large catalogue of theoretically modelled galaxy clusters for cosmological and astrophysical applications 1-gen-2018 Borgani, Stefano +
The Three Hundred Project: Correcting for the hydrostatic-equilibrium mass bias in X-ray and SZ surveys 1-gen-2020 Rasia, E.Biffi, V.Borgani, S.Cui, W.De Petris, M.Murante, G. +
Mostrati risultati da 88.600 a 88.619 di 95.176
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