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When the road controls the sea. a case study of Ro-Ro transport in the Mediterranean 1-gen-2000 TORBIANELLI, VITTORIO ALBERTO
When two is less than one: The role of others in prospective remembering 1-gen-2007 MARCATTO F +
When virtual and real meet: computational/experimental evidences for designing efficient nanovectors for siRNA/DNA delivery 1-gen-2010 PRICL, SABRINAPOSOCCO, PAOLALAURINI, ERIKFERMEGLIA, MAURIZIO +
Where and how - new insight for brown algal forest restoration in the Adriatic 1-gen-2022 Savonitto, GildaKaleb, SaraFalace, Annalisa +
Where are we in HIV research? A novel, computer-based strategy predicting resistance to HIV-1 NNRTIs 1-gen-2005 PANENI, Maria SilviaFERRONE, MARCOFERMEGLIA, MAURIZIOPRICL, SABRINA +
Where did Romance N-raising come from? A parallel study of parameter resetting in Latin and English 1-gen-2006 CRISMA, PAOLAGIANOLLO, CHIARA
Where did Romance N-raising come from? A parallel study of parameter resetting in Latin and English (Leiden, 9-11 dicembre 2004 - Selected Papers from ‘Going Romance’ 2004) 1-gen-2006 CRISMA, PAOLA +
Where do we go from here? Lavoro intermittente e discriminazione in base all'età nella sentenza della Corte di Giustizia sul caso Abercrombie & Fitch 1-gen-2017 Nunin Roberta
Where do you live? North versus Central-South differences in relation to Italian patients with oral lichen planus: a cross-sectional study from the SIPMO (Italian Society of Oral Pathology and Medicine) 1-gen-2022 Biasotto, MatteoOttaviani, GiuliaGobbo, Margherita +
Where does a glacier end? Integrated geophysical, geomorphological and photogrammetric measurements to image geometry and ice facies distribution 1-gen-2023 Santin, I.Forte, E.Guglielmin, M. +
Where syntax meets pragmatics: varieties of de se and control structures 1-gen-2018 Fiorin, Gaetano +
Where the City Meets the Desert : Ed Ruscha on Reyner Banham, Zzyzx (CA) and LA Parking Lots 1-gen-2019 Centis, Ludovico +
Where to perform noninvasive ventilation? 1-gen-2002 Confalonieri M. +
Whetstones from Bronze Age hill forts of North Eastern Italy 1-gen-2015 DE MIN, ANGELOLENAZ, DAVIDEMONTAGNARI, EMANUELA +
Whey protein ingestion enhances postprandial anabolism during short-term bed rest in young men. 1-gen-2008 ANTONIONE, RAFFAELLACALIANDRO, ELENAZORAT, FRANCESCAGUARNIERI, GIANFRANCOBIOLO, GIANNI +
Whey protein plus bicarbonate supplement has little effects on structural atrophy and proteolysis marker immunopatterns in skeletal muscle disuse during 21 days of bed rest. 1-gen-2014 BOSUTTI, ALESSANDRA +
Which Agenda for the Italian Suburbs? Debating a Marginal Condition in Few Steps 1-gen-2021 De Vidovich, Lorenzo
Which Are the Main Surface Disinfection Approaches at the Time of SARS-CoV-2? 1-gen-2021 Pizzolato, MarcoMenegazzo, FedericaZanardo, Danny +
Which Came First? When Usher Syndrome Type 1 Couples with Neuropsychiatric Disorders 1-gen-2023 Tesolin, PaolaSantin, AuroraMorgan, AnnaRubinato, ElisaGirotto, GiorgiaSpedicati, Beatrice +
Which choice beyond SSRI and neuroleptics 1-gen-2006 Albert U. +
Mostrati risultati da 95.742 a 95.761 di 96.436
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