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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
When does action resist visual illusion? The effect of the Müller-Lyer illusion on reflexive and voluntary saccades 1-gen-2007 BRUNO, NICOLA +
When does action resist visual illusions? 1-gen-2001 BRUNO, NICOLA
When does actions resist visual illusion? Effector position modulates illusory influences on motor responses 1-gen-2003 BERNARDIS, PAOLO +
When ethnolinguistics breaks out of academia. A Report from Africa and international cooperation 1-gen-2018 Micheli Ilaria
When imagery fails: Effects of verbal recoding on accessibility of visual memories 1-gen-1996 BRANDIMONTE, MARIAGERBINO, WALTER
When international case-law meets national law. A corpus-based study on Italian system-bound loan words in ECtHR judgments 1-gen-2019 Katia Peruzzo
When is a topology on a product a product topology? 1-gen-2003 OBERSNEL, Franco
When is surface lightness matched in terms of absolute luminance versus relative luminance? 1-gen-1994 AGOSTINI, TIZIANO +
When Long-Lasting Food Selectivity Leads to an Unusual Genetic Diagnosis: A Case Report 1-gen-2019 Da Lozzo, PriscaMagnolato, AndreaDel Rizzo, IreneBarbi, Egidio +
When Neuroscience 'Touches' Architecture: From Hapticity to a Supramodal Functioning of the Human Brain 1-gen-2016 PAPALE, PAOLOCHIESI, LEONARDO +
When off-label is a good practice: The example of paracetamol and salbutamol 1-gen-2008 Bua, J.L'Erario, I.Barbi, E. +
When perceptual belongingness over-rules lateral inhibition 1-gen-1998 GALMONTE, ALESSANDRAAGOSTINI, TIZIANO
When political parties decide not to govern: party strategies and the winners and losers of the Monti technocratic government 1-gen-2013 Zulianello, Mattia
When salt is needed to grow: Answers 1-gen-2021 Conversano E.Romano S.Taddio A.Faletra F.Zanon D.Barbi E. +
When salt is needed to grow: Questions 1-gen-2021 Conversano, EsterRomano, SaraTaddio, AndreaFaletra, FlavioZanon, DavideBarbi, Egidio +
When satellite is all you have: watching the internet from 550 ms 1-gen-2022 Trevisan, Martino +
When smaller is better: leaf hydraulic conductance and drought vulnerability correlate to leaf size and venation density across four Coffea arabica L. genotypes 1-gen-2014 NARDINI, AndreaSAVI, TADEJA +
When the earth moves 1-gen-1994 PANZA, GIULIANOSUHADOLC, PETER
When the game gets serious: LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® at University 1-gen-2022 chianese, gina +
When the Intensive Care Ventilator Technology Reaches the Operating Room: Advancing Ventilation in Anesthesia 1-gen-2016 AJCEVIC, MILOŠLUCANGELO, UMBERTOACCARDO, AGOSTINO +
Mostrati risultati da 92.942 a 92.961 di 93.635
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