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Effects of ICRF 159 on adriamycin-induced cardiomyopathy in rats. 1-gen-1983 DECORTI, GIULIANAGRILL, VITTORIO +
Infiltration of liver and brain by tumor cells in leukemik mice: prevention by dimethyltriazenes and cyclophosphamide. 1-gen-1984 SAVA, GIANNIGIRALDI, TULLIOZORZET, SONIAGRILL, VITTORIO +
Impairment of motor coordination induced by Doxorubicin in mice. 1-gen-1985 TUBARO, AURELIADECORTI, GIULIANADELLA LOGGIA, ROBERTOGRILL, VITTORIO +
Localization of an aminoglycoside (streptomycin) in the inner ear after its systemic administration. A histochemical study using fluorescence microscopy. 1-gen-1986 GRILL, VITTORIOZWEYER, MARINA +
Inhibitors of adriamycin-induced histamine release in vitro limit adriamycin cardiotoxicity in vivo. 1-gen-1986 DECORTI, GIULIANABARTOLI, FIORACANDUSSIO, LUIGIGRILL, VITTORIO +
Effect of polyethylene glycol 400 on adriamycin induced histamine release. 1-gen-1986 DECORTI, GIULIANACANDUSSIO, LUIGIGRILL, VITTORIO +
Morphological analysis of metastatic potential and antimetastatic drug effects in mice bearing two lines of Lewis lung carcinoma. 1-gen-1987 GRILL, VITTORIOZORZET, SONIAGIRALDI, TULLIO +
Histochemical study on catecholamines in human coronary endothelium. 1-gen-1987 GRILL, VITTORIO +
Histochemical study on melanocytes in the inner ear vestibulum of guinea pig. 1-gen-1988 GRILL, VITTORIOZWEYER, MARINA +
Effect of ketotifen on adriamycin toxicity: role of histamine. 1-gen-1988 DECORTI, GIULIANACANDUSSIO, LUIGIGRILL, VITTORIOZWEYER, MARINA +
Calcium ethylenediaminetetraacetate toxicity in the rat: ultrastructural effects on skin collagen. 1-gen-1988 GRILL, VITTORIO +
Amelioration of 4'-Epidoxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity by sodium cromoglycate. 1-gen-1989 DECORTI, GIULIANACANDUSSIO, LUIGIGRILL, VITTORIOZWEYER, MARINA +
Comparison between active digoxin immunisation and long-term treatment with mexiletine for the prevention of digoxin toxicity: electrocardiographic and histological study. 1-gen-1990 GRILL, VITTORIO +
Histological alterations by a diet containing seeds of Garcinia kola: effect on liver, kidney, and intestine in the rat. 1-gen-1990 GRILL, VITTORIO +
Studio anatomo-funzionale dell'innervazione peniena nel ratto 1-gen-1990 GRILL, VITTORIO +
Gentamicin ototoxicity: histological and ultrastructural alterations after transtympanic administration. 1-gen-1990 GRILL, VITTORIOZWEYER, MARINA +
Developmental pathways of vertebral centra and neural arches in human embryos and fetuses. 1-gen-1993 GRILL, VITTORIO +
Histochemical and ultrastructural investigation on the cytotypes in the mouse Harderian gland. 1-gen-1994 GRILL, VITTORIOZWEYER, MARINA +
A quantitative study on the spatial and temporal ossification patterns of vertebral centra and neural arches and their relationship to the fetal age. 1-gen-1994 GRILL, VITTORIOZWEYER, MARINA +
Autopsical observations on the blood vessels in the human lower limb. 1-gen-1994 GRILL, VITTORIO +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 109
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