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Analysis of the energetic, economic, and environmental performance of hydrogen productions 1-gen-2022 Elena BarberaAndrea MioAlessandro Massi PavanAlberto BertuccoMaurizio Fermeglia
A critical review and normalization of the life cycle assessment outcomes in the naval sector. Bibliometric analysis and characteristics of the studies 1-gen-2022 Mio, AFermeglia, M +
Multiscale modelling techniques in Life Cycle Assessment: application to product design 1-gen-2022 Mio, AndreaFermeglia, Maurizio
Sustainability Analysis of Hydrogen Production Processes: a Comparison Based on Sustainability Indicators 1-gen-2022 Barbera ElenaMio AndreaMassi Pavan AlessandroBertucco AlbertoFermeglia Maurizio
Fuelling power plants by natural gas: An analysis of energy efficiency, economical aspects and environmental footprint based on detailed process simulation of the whole carbon capture and storage system 1-gen-2022 Andrea MioAlessandro Massi PavanMaurizio Fermeglia +
A critical review and normalization of the life cycle assessment outcomes in the naval sector. Articles description 1-gen-2022 Mio, AFermeglia, M +
The fellowship of the RING: BRCA1, its partner BARD1 and their liaison in DNA repair and cancer 1-gen-2022 Russi, MariaMarson, DomenicoAulic, SuzanaFermeglia, MaurizioLaurini, ErikPricl, Sabrina +
A Molecular Dynamics approach to investigate the tribological behaviour of Al-Si and α-Al2O3-Si interfaces at the nanoscale 1-gen-2022 Mio, A.Marson, D.Laurini, E.Pricl, S.Fermeglia, M. +
Regulatory, safety, and toxicological concerns of nanomaterials with their manufacturing issues 1-gen-2021 Aulic, SuzanaLaurini, ErikMarson, DomenicoFermeglia, MaurizioPricl, Sabrina +
A molecular dynamics study of nanometric scale friction 1-gen-2021 Mio A.Fermeglia M. +
Process simulation coupled with LCA for the evaluation of liquid - liquid extraction processes of phenol from aqueous streams 1-gen-2021 Fermeglia M.Mio A. +
Cationic Dendrimers for siRNA Delivery: An Overview of Methods for In Vitro/In Vivo Characterization 1-gen-2021 Laurini E.Aulic S.Marson D.Fermeglia M.Pricl S.
Cationic Dendrimers for siRNA Delivery: Computational Approaches for Characterization 1-gen-2021 Marson D.Aulic S.Fermeglia M.Laurini E.Pricl S.
ITC for Characterization of Self-Assembly Process of Cationic Dendrons for siRNA Delivery 1-gen-2021 Laurini E.Aulic S.Marson D.Fermeglia M.Pricl S. +
Multiscale modelling techniques in life cycle assessment: Application to nanostructured polymer systems in the maritime industry 1-gen-2021 Mio A.Bertagna S.Cozzarini L.Laurini E.Bucci V.Marino A.Fermeglia M.
How to avoid the perfect storm: The role of energy and photovoltaics 1-gen-2020 Fermeglia, MLughi, VMassi Pavan, A.
Multiscale molecular modelling for the design of nanostructured polymer systems: industrial applications 1-gen-2020 Fermeglia, MaurizioMio, AndreaAulic, SuzanaMarson, DomenicoLaurini, ErikPricl, Sabrina
Role of Rad51 and DNA repair in cancer: A molecular perspective 1-gen-2020 Laurini E.Marson D.Aulic S.Fermeglia M.Pricl S. +
Perceptions and Misconceptions in Molecular Recognition: Key Factors in Self-Assembling Multivalent (SAMul) Ligands/Polyanions Selectivity 1-gen-2020 Marson, DomenicoLaurini, ErikAulic, SuzanaFermeglia, MaurizioPricl, Sabrina
Breast cancer nanomedicine market update and other industrial perspectives of nanomedicine 1-gen-2020 Suzana AulicDomenico MarsonErik LauriniMaurizio FermegliaSabrina Pricl
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