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A 24-hours forecast of solar irradiance using artificial neuralnetwork: Application for performance prediction of a grid-connected PV plant at Trieste,Italy 1-gen-2010 MASSI PAVAN, ALESSANDRO +
A comparison between BNN and regression polynomial methods for the evaluation of the effect of soiling in large scale photovoltaic plants. 1-gen-2013 MASSI PAVAN, ALESSANDRO +
A hardware field simulator for photovoltaic materials applications. 1-gen-2013 MASSI PAVAN, ALESSANDRO
A hybrid model (SARIMA–SVM) for short-term power forecasting of a small-scale grid-connected photovoltaic plant 1-gen-2013 MASSI PAVAN, ALESSANDRO +
A Low-Cost Monitoring and Fault Detection System for Stand-Alone Photovoltaic Systems Using IoT Technique 1-gen-2020 Mellit A.Lughi V.Massi Pavan A. +
A machine learning and internet of things-based online fault diagnosis method for photovoltaic arrays 1-gen-2021 Mellit A.Massi Pavan A. +
A novel fault diagnosis technique for photovoltaic systems based on artificial neural networks 1-gen-2016 LUGHI, VANNISULLIGOI, GIORGIOMASSI PAVAN, ALESSANDRO +
A Power Hardware-In-The-Loop Simulation Facility for Testing Grid-Connected Storage Systems 1-gen-2019 Massi Pavan A. +
A Review of the Optimization and Control Techniques in the Presence of Uncertainties for the Energy Management of Microgrids 1-gen-2022 Massi Pavan A.Spagnuolo G. +
A study on the mismatch effect due to the use of different photovoltaic modules classes in large-scale solar parks 1-gen-2012 MASSI PAVAN, ALESSANDROLUGHI, VANNI +
Adaptive Neural Network-Based Control of a Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid 1-gen-2018 SULLIGOI, GIORGIOMASSI PAVAN, ALESSANDRO +
Advanced Methods for Photovoltaic Output Power Forecasting: A Review 1-gen-2020 Massi Pavan A.Vanni Lughi +
An adaptive model for predicting of global, direct and diffuse hourly solar irradiance 1-gen-2010 MASSI PAVAN, ALESSANDRO +
An ANN-based grid voltage and frequency forecaster 1-gen-2018 Massi Pavan
An explicit I-V model for photovoltaic module technologies 1-gen-2017 MASSI PAVAN, ALESSANDRO +
An innovative photovoltaic field simulator for hardware-in-the-loop test of power conditioning units 1-gen-2009 MASSI PAVAN, ALESSANDROCASTELLAN, SimoneSULLIGOI, GIORGIO
An iterative adaptive virtual impedance loop for reactive power sharing in islanded meshed microgrids 1-gen-2020 Massi Pavan, A. +
Analysis of the energetic, economic, and environmental performance of hydrogen productions 1-gen-2022 Elena BarberaAndrea MioAlessandro Massi PavanAlberto BertuccoMaurizio Fermeglia
Application of artificial neural networks for the prediction of a 20-kWp grid-connected photovoltaic plant power output 1-gen-2011 MASSI PAVAN, ALESSANDRO +
Artificial neural network based prediction 20kWp GCPV plant atTrieste Italy 1-gen-2009 MASSI PAVAN, ALESSANDRO +