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A Human Monoclonal Antibody Against Domain I Of beta 2-Glycoprotein I prevents Clotting and Fetal Loss Induced By Polyclonal Anti-Phospholipid Antibodies In Animal Models. 1-gen-2013 Agostinis, CDURIGUTTO, PAOLOSBLATTERO, DANIELEBULLA, ROBERTAMACOR, PAOLO +
The use of quantitative real time polymerase chain reaction to quantify some rumen bacterial strains in an in vitro rumen system 1-gen-2013 Agostinis, ChiaraBULLA, ROBERTASPANGHERO, MAURO +
Bacterial LPS differently modulates inflammasome gene expression and IL-1β secretion in trophoblast cells, decidual stromal cells, and decidual endothelial cells 1-gen-2013 GIRARDELLI, MARTINAAgostinis, C.BULLA, ROBERTACROVELLA, SERGIO +
A non-complement-fixing antibody to  2 glycoprotein I as a novel therapy for antiphospholipid syndrome 1-gen-2014 C. AgostinisDURIGUTTO, PAOLOSBLATTERO, DANIELEBULLA, ROBERTAMACOR, PAOLOTEDESCO, FRANCESCO +
C1q as a novel player in angiogenesis with therapeutic implication in wound healing 1-gen-2014 BOSSI, FLEURBULLA, ROBERTAAGOSTINIS, CHIARAPapa GZORZET, SONIATEDESCO, FRANCESCO +
Human recombinant lysozyme downregulates advanced glycan endproduct-induced interleukin-6 production and release in an in vitro model of human proximal tubular epithelial cells 1-gen-2014 Agostinis CSAVA, GIANNI +
Immunomodulation mediated by a herbal syrup containing astandardized Echinacea root extract: A pilot study in healthy humansubjects on cytokine gene expression 1-gen-2014 DAPAS, BARBARABULLA, ROBERTAAGOSTINIS, CHIARAPERISSUTTI, BeatriceGRASSI, GABRIELEVOINOVICH, DARIO +
The first trimester gravid serum regulates procalcitonin expression in human macrophages skewing their phenotype in vitro. 1-gen-2014 RAMI, DAMIANOChiara AgostinisBULLA, ROBERTA +
The combination of N-acetyl cysteine, alpha-lipoic acid, and bromelain shows high anti-inflammatory properties in novel in vivo and in vitro models of endometriosis 1-gen-2015 Agostinis, C.ZORZET, SONIADE SETA, FRANCESCOBULLA, ROBERTA +
The complement system at the embryo implantation site 1-gen-2015 Agostinis, C.BULLA, ROBERTA
Pharmacokinetics and immunomodulatory effect of lipophilic Echinacea extract formulated in softgel capsules 1-gen-2015 PERISSUTTI, BeatriceFARRA, ROSSELLACOMAR, ManolaAGOSTINIS, CHIARACARISTI, GABRIELLAGOLOB, SAMUELVOINOVICH, DARIO +
RelB activation in anti-inflammatory decidual endothelial cells: a master plan to avoid pregnancy failure? 1-gen-2015 MASAT, ELISAGASPARINI, CHIARAAgostinis, ChiaraBOSSI, FLEURDE SETA, FRANCESCOBULLA, ROBERTA +
Analysis of the cAMP-PCT-CGRP axis in normal and pathological pregnancy 1-gen-2016 Agostinis, ChiaraBULLA, ROBERTA +
Alternative functions of the complement protein C1q at embryo implantation site 1-gen-2016 Agostinis, ChiaraBULLA, ROBERTA +
C1q acts in the tumour microenvironment as a cancer-promoting factor independently of complement activation 1-gen-2016 BULLA, ROBERTARAMI, DAMIANOAgostinis, ChiaraZORZET, SONIADURIGUTTO, PAOLO +
Complement component C1q as potential diagnostic but not predictive marker of preeclampsia 1-gen-2016 Agostinis, ChiaraSTAMPALIJA, TAMARALOGANES, CLAUDIADE SETA, FRANCESCOCELEGHINI, CLAUDIOTEDESCO, FRANCESCOBULLA, ROBERTA +
In vitro evaluation of the anti-inflammatory properties of Echinacea and Ginger in normal and pathological pregnancy 1-gen-2017 Agostinis, C.Vidergar, R.Voinovich, D.Radillo, O.Celeghini, C.RICCI, GIUSEPPEBulla, R.
Complement Protein C1q binds to Hyaluronic Acid in the Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Microenvironment and Promotes Tumour Growth 1-gen-2017 Chiara AgostinisRomana VidergarAlessandro MangognaLeonardo AmadioVioletta BorelliFabrizio ZanconatiFrancesco TedescoMarco ConfalonieriRoberta Bulla +
COMPLEMENT PROTEIN C1Q PRODUCTION IN MALIGNANT PLEURAL MESOTHELIOMA 1-gen-2017 Leonardo AmadioAlessandro MangognaChiara AgostinisRomana VidergarMarco ConfalonieriOriano RadilloBulla Roberta +
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 88
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