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Identification of three novel mutations in the PIG-A gene in paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH) patients 1-gen-1996 SAVOIA, ANNA +
Fanconi anemia complementation groups in Germany and The Netherlands 1-gen-1996 SAVOIA, ANNA +
Expression cloning of a cDNA for the major Fanconi anemia gene, FAA 1-gen-1996 SAVOIA, ANNA +
Positional cloning of the Fanconi anaemia group A gene 1-gen-1996 SAVOIA, ANNA +
Molecular characterization of Fanconi Anaemia group C (FAC) gene polymorphisms 1-gen-1996 SAVOIA, ANNA +
Fanconi anaemia in Italy: high prevalence of complementation group A in two geographic clusters 1-gen-1996 SAVOIA, ANNA +
p53 activates Fanconi anemia group C gene expression 1-gen-1997 SAVOIA, ANNA +
The genomic organization of the Fanconi anaemia group A (FAA) gene 1-gen-1997 SAVOIA, ANNA +
Identification of the gene encoding the human mitochondrial RNA polymerase by cyberscreening of the expressed sequence tags database 1-gen-1997 SAVOIA, ANNA +
Mutations of the Fanconi anemia group A gene (FAA) in Italian patients 1-gen-1997 SAVOIA, ANNA +
Linkage analysis of Fanconi anaemia in Italy and mapping of the complementation group A gene 1-gen-1997 SAVOIA, ANNA +
Fine exon-intron structure of the Fanconi anemia group A (FAA) gene and characterization of two genomic deletions 1-gen-1998 SAVOIA, ANNA +
. Mutational screening of thrombopoietin receptor gene (c-mpl) in patients with congenital thrombocytopaenia and absent radii (TAR) 1-gen-1998 SAVOIA, ANNA +
Construction of a high-resolution physical and transcriptional map of chromosome 16q24.3: a region of frequent loss of heterozygosity in sporadic breast cancer 1-gen-1998 SAVOIA, ANNA +
Characterization and screening for mutations in breast cancer of the growth arrest specific 11 (GAS11) and C16orf3 genes at 16q24.3 1-gen-1998 SAVOIA, ANNA +
Molecular basis of Fanconi anemia 1-gen-1998 SAVOIA, ANNA +
Heterogeneous stectrum of mutations in the Fanconi anaemia group A gene 1-gen-1999 SAVOIA, ANNA +
Muatation analysis of the Fanconi A gene in breast tumours with loss of heterozygosity at 16q24.3 1-gen-1999 SAVOIA, ANNA +
Characterization of copine VII, a new member of the copine family, and its exclusion as a candidate in sporadic breast cancers with LOH at 16q24.3 1-gen-1999 SAVOIA, ANNA +
Spontaneous functional correction of homozygous Fanconi anemia alleles reveals novel mechanistic basis for reverse mosaicism 1-gen-1999 SAVOIA, ANNA +
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 166
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