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A complete system for old motion picture restoration 1-gen-2002 RAMPONI, GIOVANNICARRATO, SERGIO +
A Comprehensive Tool to Measure the Performance of Dynamic Range Reduction Algorithms 1-gen-2005 RAMPONI, GIOVANNI +
A computational method for the design of 2-D nonlinear Volterra filters 1-gen-1988 RAMPONI, GIOVANNISICURANZA, GIOVANNIUKOVICH, WALTER
A Cubic Unsharp Masking Technique for Contrast Enhancement 1-gen-1998 RAMPONI, GIOVANNI
A deinterlacer for IQTV receivers and multimedia applications 1-gen-1993 CARRATO, SERGIORAMPONI, GIOVANNISICURANZA, GIOVANNI +
A directional edge-sensitive image interpolator 1-gen-2004 RAMPONI, GIOVANNI +
A face recognition system using off-the-shelf feature extractors and an ad-hoc classier 1-gen-2018 Stefano MarsiLuca De BortoliFrancesco GuzziJhilik BhattacharyaFrancesco CicalaSergio CarratoAlfredo CanzianiGiovanni Ramponi
A Fast Face Recognition CNN Obtained by Distillation 1-gen-2019 De Bortoli, LucaGuzzi, F.Marsi, S.Carrato, S.Ramponi, G.
A flexible FPGA implementation for illuminance–reflectance video enhancement 1-gen-2011 MARSI, STEFANORAMPONI, GIOVANNI
A Fuzzy Filter for Images Corrupted by Impulse Noise 1-gen-1996 RUSSO, FABRIZIORAMPONI, GIOVANNI
A fuzzy operator for the enhancement of blurred and noisy images 1-gen-1995 RUSSO, FABRIZIORAMPONI, GIOVANNI
A knowledge-based model for the digital restoration and enhancement of images concerning the archaeological and monumental heritage of the Mediterranean coast 1-gen-2006 RAMPONI, GIOVANNI +
A Method for Improving the Visual Quality of Digitized Antique Books 1-gen-2004 RAMPONI, GIOVANNI +
A Method for Motion Adaptive Frame Rate Up–conversion 1-gen-1996 RAMPONI, GIOVANNI +
A modified Retinex for image contrast enhancement and dynamics control 1-gen-2003 RAMPONI, GIOVANNI +
A Neural Network Based System for Face Identification by a Blind User 1-gen-2017 CARRATO, SERGIOMARSI, STEFANORAMPONI, GIOVANNIBHATTACHARYA, JHILIKGUZZI, FRANCESCO
A new FPGA-based architecture for iterative and space-variant image processing 1-gen-2015 MARSI, STEFANOCARRATO, SERGIORAMPONI, GIOVANNI
A noise smoother using cascaded FIRE filters 1-gen-1995 RUSSO, FABRIZIORAMPONI, GIOVANNI
A Non-Linear Convolution Network for Image Processing 1-gen-2021 Stefano MarsiJhilik BhattacharyaRomina MolinaGiovanni Ramponi
A nonlinear pseudo-Retinex for dynamic range compression in CMOS imaging systems 1-gen-2003 CARRATO, SERGIOMARSI, STEFANORAMPONI, GIOVANNI +