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1,3,4-Oxadiazine derivatives versus open-chain isomers from reactions of 2-amino-cyc1o-2-hexen-1-ones with aryl acyldiimides 1-gen-1982 PITACCO, GIULIANAVALENTIN, ENNIO +
7-oxo-4,5,6,7-tetrahydroindole Derivatives from Nitro-olefins and Secondary a-keto enamines. 1-gen-1990 BENEDETTI, FABIOBERTI, FEDERICONITTI, PATRIZIAPITACCO, GIULIANAVALENTIN, ENNIO
Activation of Molecular Oxygen by Coordination to Cobalt Oximes or Imino-Oxime Chelates 1-gen-1988 COSTA, GIACOMOPUXEDDU, ANNATAVAGNACCO, CLAUDIOBALDUCCI, GABRIELEREISENHOFER, EDOARDO +
An MS-SCF-Xα calculation of the photoelectron and electronic spectrum of furan 1-gen-1980 DECLEVA, PIETRO +
Baker's Yeast Reduction of 2-(2-Nitroethyl)-1-cycloalkanones 1-gen-1993 FELLUGA, FULVIANITTI, PATRIZIAPITACCO, GIULIANAVALENTIN, ENNIO
Chemometric investigation on the resonance effect 1-gen-1986 EBERT, CYNTHIALINDA, PAOLO +
Control of permeation of ions across vescicles 1-gen-1997 FELLUGA, FULVIATECILLA, PAOLO +
Crystal and molecular structure of racemic 2-[α-p-bromo-phenyl-β-nitro]ethyl-5-methylcyclohexanone 1-gen-1974 PITACCO, GIULIANA +
Cycloaddition reactions of phenylglyoxal imines to enol ethers. New approach to the synthesis of benz[b]acridine-6,11-dione derivatives 1-gen-1987 PRATO, MAURIZIO +
Dienophilic Reactivity of 1,1-Bis(benzenesulphonyl)ethylene 1-gen-1984 PASQUATO, LUCIA +
Drawbacks of Catalyst Design: the Capability of Ir(PNP)(C8H13) (PNP = n-Pr(CH2CH2PPh2)2) to Promote Carbonyl Group Reduction in Organic Substrates 1-gen-1993 FARNETTI, ERICA +
Electrochemical investigation of transport and activation of molecular oxygen 1-gen-1995 TAVAGNACCO, CLAUDIO +
Electrochemistry and Chemical Reactions Coupled with the Reductive Electron Transfer Process in Organocobalt Chelates with Bisdioxime-Based and Bisiminooxime-Based Tetradentate Ligands and BF_2 Capped Derivatives 1-gen-1986 COSTA, GIACOMOPUXEDDU, ANNATAVAGNACCO, CLAUDIOBALDUCCI, GABRIELE +
Evidence of a two-step ionic mechanism in the addition of aromatic Schiff bases to enol ethers 1-gen-1988 PRATO, MAURIZIO +
Evidence of electronic influences on the Co-C bond lengths in the alkyl-fluorinated cobaloximes 1-gen-1992 GEREMIA, SILVANORANDACCIO, LUCIOZANGRANDO, ENNIO
Formation of methoxy-substituted azoxybenzenes in the reduction of nitroarenes in basic methanol-toluene solutions 1-gen-1988 PRATO, MAURIZIO +
Grouping of organic substituents 1-gen-1990 EBERT, CYNTHIALINDA, PAOLO +
Mechanism and stereochemistry of kinetically controlled reactions of 2-substituted-cyclohexanone enamines with diethylazodicarboxylate 1-gen-1975 PITACCO, GIULIANAVALENTIN, ENNIO +
Microcalorimetric Analysis of Periodate-Diols Reactions in diluite Aqueous solution. I. Outline of methods and Preliminary Results 1-gen-1983 GAMINI, AMELIACESARO, ATTILIOPAOLETTI, SERGIO +
Microcalorimetric analysis of periodate-diols reactions in dilute aqueous solution. I. Outline of method and preliminary results 1-gen-1983 GAMINI, AMELIA +
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