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Distinction between fetal growth restriction and small for gestational age newborn weight enhances the prognostic value of low PAPP-A in the first trimester 1-gen-2010 Stampalija TFerrazzi E +
Mitochondrial content and function in placental cells and tissues of Preeclampsia and IUGR 1-gen-2012 T. StampalijaE.M. Ferrazzi +
Increased trophoblast oxygen consumption in IUGR 1-gen-2013 T. StampalijaE. Ferrazzi +
Correlation between average acceleration and deceleration capacity of fetal heart rate and biomarkers of acid-base status in a vivo sheep model 1-gen-2014 T. StampalijaE. Ferrazzi +
Correlating multidimensional fetal heart rate variability analysis with acid-base balance at birth 1-gen-2014 T. StampalijaE. Ferrazzi +
Soluble ST2, a modulator of the inflammatory response, in preterm and term labor 1-gen-2014 T. StampalijaE. Ferrazzi +
Analysis of fetal ECG in fetal growth restriction 1-gen-2014 T. StampalijaE. Ferrazzi +
A methodological assessment of phase-rectified signal averaging through simulated beat-to-beat interval time series 1-gen-2014 T. StampalijaE. Ferrazzi +
In vivo evaluation of acceleration and deceleration capacity of fetal heart rate in worsening hypoxic acidemia 1-gen-2014 T. StampalijaE. Ferrazzi +
Acceleration and deceleration capacity of fetal heart rate in an in-vivo sheep model 1-gen-2014 T. StampalijaE. Ferrazzi +
Assessment of coupling between trans-abdominally acquired fetal ECG and uterine activity by bivariate phase-rectified signal averaging analysis 1-gen-2014 T. StampalijaE. FerrazziQUADRIFOGLIO, MARIACHIARA +
Parameters influence on acceleration and deceleration capacity based on trans-abdominal ECG in early fetal growth restriction at different gestational age epochs 1-gen-2015 T. StampalijaE. Ferrazzi +
Sampling frequency of fetal heart rate impacts the ability to predict pH and BE at Birth : a retrospective multi-cohort study 1-gen-2015 Stampalija, TamaraFerrazzi, Enrico +
Customized Fetal Growth Charts for Parents' Characteristics, Race, and Parity by Quantile Regression Analysis : a Cross-sectional Multicenter Italian Study 1-gen-2016 Ferrazzi, EnricoStampalija, Tamara +
The effect of fetal sex on customized fetal growth charts 1-gen-2016 Ferrazzi, EnricoStampalija, T. +
New lenses to look at preeclampsia 1-gen-2016 Stampalija, TamaraFerrazzi, Enrico +
Bedside cardiovascular maternal interrogation in the first trimester to predict different phenotypes of hypertensive disorders in pregnancy 1-gen-2016 Stampalija, TamaraQUADRIFOGLIO, MARIACHIARAFerrazzi, Enrico +
Brain sparing effect in growth-restricted fetuses is associated with decreased cardiac acceleration and deceleration capacities : a case–control study 1-gen-2016 T. StampalijaFERRAZZI, ENRICO MARIO +
Maternal cardiac deceleration capacity : a novel insight into maternal autonomic function in pregnancies complicated by hypertensive disorders and intrauterine growth restriction 1-gen-2016 Stampalija, T.Ferrazzi, E. +
Regularity of Fetal HRV changes in an In-vivo Sheep Model of Labor 1-gen-2016 T. StampalijaE. Ferrazzi +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 27
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