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Synthesis of Glycosylamines: Identification and Quantification of Side Products 1-gen-2001 DONATI, IVANGAMINI, AMELIAPAOLETTI, SERGIO +
Synthesis, Characterization, and Preliminary Biological Study of Glycoconjugates of Poly(styrene-co-maleic acid) 1-gen-2002 DONATI, IVANGAMINI, AMELIAVETERE, AMEDEOPAOLETTI, SERGIO +
Synthesis and Characterization of a Novel Glycopolymer with Protective Activity Toward Human Anti-α-Gal antibodies 1-gen-2002 DONATI, IVANSEMERARO, SABRINAGAMINI, AMELIAPAOLETTI, SERGIO +
Enzymatic Synthesis and Characterization of Oligosaccharides Structurally Related to the Repeating Unit of Pullulan 1-gen-2002 VETERE, AMEDEOGAMINI, AMELIADONATI, IVANPAOLETTI, SERGIO +
Albumin-controlled stereoselective reduction of 1,3-diketones to anti-diols 1-gen-2002 BENEDETTI, FABIOBERTI, FEDERICODONATI, IVAN +
Determination of the diadic composition of alginate by means of circular dichroism: a fast and accurate improved method 1-gen-2003 DONATI, IVANGAMINI, AMELIACOSLOVI, ANNAPAOLETTI, SERGIO +
High-yield Enzymatic Synthesis of O-allyl-beta-D-Galactopyranoside 1-gen-2003 VETERE, AMEDEODONATI, IVANGAMINI, AMELIAPAOLETTI, SERGIO +
Galactose-Substituted Alginate: Preliminary Characterization and Study of Gelling Properties 1-gen-2003 DONATI, IVANVETERE, AMEDEOGAMINI, AMELIACOSLOVI, ANNAPAOLETTI, SERGIO +
Galactose-Substituted Alginate, 2: Conformational Aspects 1-gen-2004 DONATI, IVANCOSLOVI, ANNAGAMINI, AMELIAVETERE, AMEDEOPAOLETTI, SERGIO +
Polysaccharide molecular engineering as an approach to design alginate for biotechnological and biomedical applications 1-gen-2004 DONATI, IVAN +
New hypothesis on the role of alternating sequences in calcium-alginate gels 1-gen-2005 DONATI, IVANBORGOGNA, MASSIMILIANO ANTONIO +
Tailor-Made Alginate Bearing Galactose Moieties on Mannuronic Residues: Selective Modification Achieved by a Chemoenzymatic Strategy 1-gen-2005 DONATI, IVANBORGOGNA, MASSIMILIANO ANTONIOPAOLETTI, SERGIO +
The aggregation of pig articular chondrocyte and synthesis of extracellular matrix by a lactose-modified chitosan 1-gen-2005 DONATI, IVANVETERE, AMEDEOMARCON, PATRIZIAMARSICH, ELEONORAMOZETIC, PAMELAGAMINI, AMELIAPAOLETTI, SERGIOVITTUR, FRANCO +
The role of Galectin-1 in the interaction between chondrocytesand a lactose-modified chitosan 1-gen-2005 MARCON, PATRIZIAMARSICH, ELEONORAVETERE, AMEDEOMOZETIC, PAMELACAMPA, CRISTIANADONATI, IVANVITTUR, FRANCOGAMINI, AMELIAPAOLETTI, SERGIO
Specific interactions versus counterion condensation, 3: the calcium-induced chain association of pectate 1-gen-2006 DONATI, IVAN +
Modified alginates, methods of production and use 1-gen-2006 DONATI, IVAN +
Separation of O- and C-allyl glycoside anomeric mixtures by capillary electrophoresis and high-performance liquid chromatography 1-gen-2006 GAMINI, AMELIACOSLOVI, ANNADONATI, IVANVETERE, AMEDEOPAOLETTI, SERGIO +
Effect of Ca2+, Ba2+ and Sr2+ on alginate microbeads 1-gen-2006 DONATI, IVAN +
Specific interactions versus counterion condensation. 2. Theoretical treatment within the counterion condensation theory 1-gen-2006 DONATI, IVANCESARO, ATTILIOPAOLETTI, SERGIO +
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