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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
K and Mixed K+O Adlayers on Rh(110) 1-gen-2006 AFRICH, CRISTINACOMELLI, GIOVANNI +
K dwarfs and the chemical evolution of the solar cylinder 1-gen-2002 MATTEUCCI, MARIA FRANCESCA +
The K landscapes: A tunably difficult benchmark for genetic programming 1-gen-2011 Manzoni Luca +
K pi Scattering at Complex Energies 1-gen-1977 TRELEANI, DANIELE +
k(0): The role of Intrinsic and Scattering Attenuation 1-gen-2015 Parolai S +
K*—(892)0 and φ(1020) meson production at high transverse momentum in pp and Pb-Pb collisions at √sNN = 2.76 TeV 1-gen-2017 Camerini, P.Lea, R.Luparello, G.Margagliotti, G. V.Piano, S.Rui, R.Suljic, M.Zaccolo, V. +
K-edge spectral computed tomography with a photon counting detector and discrete reconstruction 1-gen-2018 Brun, FrancescoTrapani, Vittorio DiDreossi, DiegoLongo, RenataRigon, Luigi +
K-means seeding via MUS algorithm 1-gen-2018 Leonardo EgidiRoberta PappadàFrancesco PauliNicola Torelli
K-Space Tomography of the Fermi Surface by Spatially Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy with Variable Photon Energy 1-gen-2007 VIOL BARBOSA, CARLOS EDUARDO +
K-Stabilized High-Oxygen-Coverage States on Rh(110): A Low-Pressure Pathway to Formation of Surface Oxide 1-gen-2005 AFRICH, CRISTINACOMELLI, GIOVANNI +
K-theory of Noncommutative Lattices 1-gen-1999 LANDI, GIOVANNI +
K. N. Kudin, R. Car, and R. Resta, "Longitudinal polarizability of long polymeric chains: Quasi-one-dimensional electrostatics as the origin of slow convergence 1-gen-2005 RESTA, Raffaele +
K.Hornung, Il problema dell'ordine nell'educazione 1-gen-1980 RUSSO, ANTONIO
K/ka-band very high data-rate receivers: A viable solution for future moon exploration missions 1-gen-2019 Cuttin A.Dogo F.Gregorio A. +
K0 production in one-prong τ decays 1-gen-1994 GREGORIO, ANNABOSISIO, LUCIANOGIANNINI, GIANROSSANO +
K0 Regeneration In Nuclei And The Effect Of The Inelastic Intermediate States 1-gen-1979 TRELEANI, DANIELE +
K0S K0S and K0S K+- femtoscopy in pp collisions at and √s = 5.02 and 13 TeV 1-gen-2022 M. D. BucklandP. CameriniG. ContinC. De MartinE. FragiacomoG. LuparelloG. V. MargagliottiS. PianoR. RuiV. Zaccolo +
The K219T-Lamin mutation induces conduction defects through epigenetic inhibition of SCN5A in human cardiac laminopathy 1-gen-2019 Forni A.Sinagra G.Faggian G.Di Pasquale E. +
K3C60: a strongly correlated metal with molecular disorder 1-gen-2001 PARMIGIANI, FULVIOCOMELLI, GIOVANNI +
K^0_s K^0_s correlations in pp collisions at √s=7 Tev from the LHC ALICE experiment 1-gen-2012