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Mostrati risultati da 53.139 a 53.158 di 95.156
Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Mechanobiology of indirect bone fracture healing under conditions of relative stability: a narrative review for the practicing clinician 1-gen-2022 Canton, GianlucaRasio, NicholasMurena, Luigi +
Mechanochemical activation of Praziquantel in a vibrational mill 7-mar-2019 ZANOLLA, DEBORA
Mechanochemical activation of vincamine mediated by linear polymers: Assessment of some ‘‘critical’’ steps 1-gen-2013 HASA, DRITANPERISSUTTI, BeatriceGRASSI, MarioFERRARIO, VALERIOLENAZ, DAVIDEVOINOVICH, DARIO +
Mechanochemical Formation and "disappearance" of Caffeine-Citric-Acid Cocrystal Polymorphs 1-gen-2020 Hasa D. +
Mechanochemical Formation of Racemic Praziquantel Hemihydrate with Improved Biopharmaceutical Properties 1-gen-2020 Debora ZanollaDritan HasaDario VoinovichBeatrice Perissutti +
Mechanochemical reactivity inhibited, prohibited and reversed by liquid additives: examples from crystal-form screens 1-gen-2021 Voinovich, DarioHasa, Dritan +
Mechanochemical Synthesis and Physicochemical Characterization of Previously Unreported Praziquantel Solvates with 2-Pyrrolidone and Acetic Acid 1-gen-2021 Zanolla, DeboraHasa, DritanDemitri, NicolaVoinovich, DarioPerissutti, Beatrice +
Mechanochemical Synthesis of Multicomponent Crystals: One Liquid for One Polymorph? A Myth to Dispel 1-gen-2016 HASA D +
Mechanochemically induced disordered structures of vincamine: The different mediation of two cross-linked polymers 1-gen-2012 HASA, DRITANPERISSUTTI, BeatriceBONIFACIO, ALOISINVERNIZZI, SERGIOVOINOVICH, DARIO +
Mechanosensitivity and intercellular communication in HOBIT osteoblastic cells: a possible role for gap junction hemichannels 1-gen-2003 D'ANDREA, PAOLA +
Mechatronic distributed control system for telescope primary mirror active optics 1-gen-2008 SEDMAK, GIORGIO +
Mechnism of [Ca2+]i oscillations in rat chromaffin cells: the intracellular oscillator operates within a useful range of [Ca2+]i 1-gen-1993 D'ANDREA, PAOLA +
Meckel's diverticulum masked by a long period of intermittent recurrent subocclusive episodes 1-gen-2009 TADDIO, ANDREAVENTURA, ALESSANDRO +
Meconium-stained amniotic fluid: a risk factor for postpartum hemorrhage 1-gen-2018 Ronfani, LucaSimeone, RobertoSkerk, KristinaRicci, Giuseppe +
Med človeškim in živalskim 1-gen-2020 Fabio Polidori
Med geografskimi odkritji, evangelizacijo in globalizacijo (Entre descubrimientos geográficos, evangelización y globalización) 1-gen-2021 Ana Cecilia Prenz
Med nebom in morjem (Tra il cielo e il mare, Casa Heinichen a Trieste) 1-gen-2005 BRADASCHIA, MAURIZIO
Med zgodovino in geografico. Razmisljanja o italijanski vzhodni meji 1-gen-2000 PUPO, RAOUL
Medaglione di Adriano 1-gen-2000 CALLEGHER, BRUNO
Medaglione di Adriano (134-138); Medaglione di Settimio Severo (194-195); Medaglione di Massimiano Erculeo (286-305) 1-gen-2000 CALLEGHER, BRUNO
Mostrati risultati da 53.139 a 53.158 di 95.156
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