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Gone with the currents: lack of genetic differentiation at the circum-continental scale in the Antarctic krill Euphausia superba 1-gen-2011 MEZZAVILLA, MASSIMO +
Population genetic structure and gene flow patterns between populations of the Antarctic icefish Chionodraco rastrospinosus 1-gen-2012 MEZZAVILLA, MASSIMO +
Genetic characterization of northeastern Italian population isolates in the context of broader European genetic diversity. 1-gen-2012 MEZZAVILLA, MASSIMOTRAGLIA, MICHELAGASPARINI, PAOLOD'ADAMO, ADAMO PIO +
A “population-based approach” to study the link between TAS2R genes, taste perception and food liking. 1-gen-2013 ROBINO, ANTONIETTAMEZZAVILLA, MASSIMOPIRASTU, NicolaGASPARINI, PAOLO +
Genetics of eye colours in different rural populations on the Silk Road. 1-gen-2013 MEZZAVILLA, MASSIMOGASPARINI, PAOLO +
A “Population-based Approach” To Study The Impact Of PROP Perception On Food Liking In Populations Along The Silk Road 1-gen-2013 ROBINO, ANTONIETTAPIRASTU, NicolaMEZZAVILLA, MASSIMOGASPARINI, PAOLO +
Consanguinity and Hereditary Hearing Loss in Qatar 1-gen-2014 GIROTTO, GIORGIAMEZZAVILLA, MASSIMOVUCKOVIC, DRAGANAVOZZI, DiegoGASPARINI, PAOLO +
A population-based approach to study the impact of PROP perception on food liking in populations along the silk road 1-gen-2014 Robino, AntoniettaMezzavilla, MassimoPirastu, NicolaGasparini, Paolo +
Genetic landscape of populations along the Silk Road: admixture and migration patterns 1-gen-2014 MEZZAVILLA, MASSIMOVOZZI, DiegoPIRASTU, NicolaGIROTTO, GIORGIAD'ADAMO, ADAMO PIOGASPARINI, PAOLO +
Analysis of functional variants reveals new candidate genes associated with alexithymia 1-gen-2015 MEZZAVILLA, MASSIMOULIVI, SHEILACARLINO, DAVIDEGASPARINI, PAOLOROBINO, ANTONIETTA +
Population genetic differentiation of height and body mass index across Europe 1-gen-2015 MEZZAVILLA, MASSIMOGASPARINI, PAOLO +
Assessment of the olfactory function in Italian patients with type 3 von Willebrand disease caused by a homozygous 253 Kb deletion involving VWF and TMEM16B/ANO2 1-gen-2015 CENEDESE, VALENTINAMEZZAVILLA, MASSIMOMORGAN, ANNAGASPARINI, PAOLOMENINI, ANNA MARIA +
Increased rate of deleterious variants in long runs of homozygosity of an inbred population from Qatar 1-gen-2015 MEZZAVILLA, MASSIMOVOZZI, DIEGOGIROTTO, GIORGIAGASPARINI, PAOLO +
Corrigendum: Global diversity in the TAS2R38 bitter taste receptor: Revisiting a classic evolutionary PROPosal (Scientific Reports (2016) 6 (25506) DOI: 10.1038/srep25506) 1-gen-2016 Mezzavilla M.Pagani L.Robino A.Morini G.Campa D.Gasparini P. +
Global diversity in the TAS2R38 bitter taste receptor: Revisiting a classic evolutionary PROPosal 1-gen-2016 MEZZAVILLA, MASSIMOROBINO, ANTONIETTACAMPA, DANIELEGASPARINI, PAOLO +
Understanding the role of personality and alexithymia in food preferences and PROP taste perception 1-gen-2016 ROBINO, ANTONIETTAMEZZAVILLA, MASSIMOPIRASTU, NicolaGASPARINI, PAOLOCARLINO, DAVIDE +
Genetic evidence for an origin of the Armenians from Bronze Age mixing of multiple populations 1-gen-2016 MEZZAVILLA, MASSIMOGASPARINI, PAOLO +
Enrichment of low-frequency functional variants revealed by whole-genome sequencing of multiple isolated European populations 1-gen-2017 Mezzavilla, MassimoGasparini, Paolo +
Genetic Landscape of Slovenians: Past Admixture and Natural Selection Pattern 1-gen-2018 Gasparini, PaoloMezzavilla, Massimo +
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