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The nuclear matrix and apoptosis. 1-gen-1997 BAREGGI, RENATOBORTUL, RobertaGRILL, VITTORIOZWEYER, MARINA +
The pro-apoptotic drug camptothecin stimulates phospholipase D activity and diacylglycerol production in the nucleus of HL-60 human promyelocytic leukemia cells. 1-gen-1999 BORTUL, RobertaGRILL, VITTORIO +
Biochemical and morphological changes in the nuclear matrix prepared from apoptotic HL-60 cells: effect of different stabilizing procedures. 1-gen-1999 BORTUL, RobertaBAREGGI, RENATOGRILL, VITTORIONARDUCCI, PAOLAZWEYER, MARINA +
Rabphilin colocalizes with cell actin cytoskeleton and stimulates association of granules with F-actin cross-linked by alpha-actinin 1-gen-2005 PONTI, CRISTINABALDINI, GIOVANNABORTUL, RobertaNARDUCCI, PAOLANICOLIN, VANESSABALDINI, GIOVANNA +
Different levels of the neuronal nitric oxide synthase isoform modulate the rate of osteoclastic differentiation of TIB-71 and CRL-2278 RAW 264.7 murine cell clones. 1-gen-2005 NICOLIN, VANESSAPONTI, CRISTINAGRILL, VITTORIOBORTUL, RobertaZWEYER, MARINA +
An increase of OPG expression in the aortas of diabetic rats may contribute to the impaired myo-relaxating activity characterizing diabetes mellitus 1-gen-2006 NICOLIN, VANESSABORTUL, RobertaBALDINI, GIOVANNAPONTI, CRISTINANARDUCCI, PAOLA +
Localization of actin binding proteins in cells blebs 1-gen-2007 NARDUCCI, PAOLABALDINI, GIOVANNAPONTI, CRISTINABORTUL, RobertaNICOLIN, VANESSA +
Increased OPG expression and impaired OPG/TRAIL ratio in the aorta of diabetic rats. 1-gen-2007 BORTUL RZWEYER, MARINA +
In vitro exposure of human chondrocytes to pulsed electromagnetic fields. 1-gen-2007 NICOLIN, VANESSAPONTI, CRISTINABALDINI, GIOVANNABORTUL, RobertaZWEYER, MARINAMARTINELLI, BRUNONARDUCCI, PAOLA +
Breast adenocarcinoma MCF-7 cell line induces spontaneous osteoclastogenesis via a RANK-ligand-dependent pathway. 1-gen-2008 NICOLIN, VANESSABORTUL, RobertaBAREGGI, RENATOBALDINI, GIOVANNAMARTINELLI, BRUNONARDUCCI, PAOLA
Sparc localizes to the blebs of hobit cells and human primary osteoblasts. 1-gen-2008 PONTI, CRISTINABORTUL, RobertaGRILL, VITTORIO +
Clathrin-dependent endocytosis of membrane-bound RANKL in differentiated osteoclasts 1-gen-2010 NARDUCCI, PAOLABORTUL, RobertaBAREGGI, RENATONICOLIN, VANESSA
Neridronic acid directly regulates gene expression in human osteoblast cell line 1-gen-2010 NICOLIN, VANESSAFANCELLU, GIOVANNIBORTUL, RobertaNARDUCCI, PAOLA
Neridronic acid directly regulates gene expression in human osteoblast line 1-gen-2010 NICOLIN, VANESSAFANCELLU, GIOVANNIBORTUL, RobertaNARDUCCI, PAOLA
Effect of the neridronate on RANKL release in differentiated primary human osteoblasts 1-gen-2011 NICOLIN, VANESSAVALENTINI, ROBERTOBORTUL, RobertaFANCELLU, GIOVANNI
Early differentiating osteoclast interactions with a well suitable bone-like composite. 1-gen-2012 BORTUL, RobertaBALDINI, GIOVANNATURCO, GIANLUCAPRINCIVALLE, FRANCESCONICOLIN, VANESSAGRILL, VITTORIO
Production Of in vivo Biotinylated Rotavirus Particles 1-gen-2012 Nicolin, V.Roberta, BortulArnoldi, F. +
Stable expression of mutant FANCA: is there any correlation with mild Fanconi anemia clinical? 1-gen-2014 BOTTEGA, ROBERTAZWEYER, MARINAVALENCIC, ERICABORTUL, RobertaNICCHIA, ELENACARUSO, PAOLAGRECO, CHIARASAVOIA, ANNA +
Innovative Target Therapies Are Able to Block the Inflammation Associated with Dysfunction of the Cholesterol Biosynthesis Pathway. 1-gen-2015 MARCUZZI, ANNALISAPISCIANZ, ELISALOGANES, CLAUDIATOMMASINI, ALBERTOBORTUL, RobertaZWEYER, MARINA +
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