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A covalent PIN1 inhibitor selectively targets cancer cells by a dual mechanism of action 1-gen-2017 Campaner, ElenaRustighi, AlessandraZannini, AlessandroCristiani, AlbertoPiazza, SilvanoCiani, YariGiabbai, BarbaraStorici, PaolaD'Incalci, MaurizioRosato, AntonioDel Sal, Giannino +
A fast method for high-quality genomic DNA extraction from whole human blood 1-gen-1991 MANFIOLETTI, GUIDALBERTODEL SAL, GIANNINO +
A genome-scale protein interaction profile of Drosophila p53 uncovers additional nodes of the human p53 network 1-gen-2010 LUNARDI, ANDREADI MININ, GIULIODAL FERRO, MARCODEL SAL, GIANNINOCOLLAVIN, LICIO +
A Growth Arrest-Specific (gas) gene codes for a membrane protein 1-gen-1990 MANFIOLETTI, GUIDALBERTODEL SAL, GIANNINO +
A mutant p53/Hif1α/miR-30d axis reprograms the secretory pathway promoting the release of a prometastatic secretome 1-gen-2020 Capaci, ValeriaMantovani, FiammaSal, Giannino Del
A one tube plasmid DNA minipreparation suitable for sequencing 1-gen-1988 DEL SAL, GIANNINOMANFIOLETTI, GUIDALBERTO +
A Pin1/mutant p53 axis promotes aggressiveness in breast cancer. 1-gen-2011 NAPOLI, MARCORUSTIGHI, ALESSANDRAMAROTTA, CAROLINACAPACI, VALERIADEL SAL, GIANNINO +
A proline rich motif in p53 is required for transactivation-independent growth arrest as induced by Gas1 1-gen-1997 DEL SAL, GIANNINO +
A proline rich motif in wild type p53 is required for transactivation independent growth arrest as induced by Gas1 1-gen-1997 COLLAVIN, LICIODEL SAL, GIANNINO +
A simple and fast method for preparing single stranded DNA template suitable for sequencing 1-gen-1987 DEL SAL, GIANNINO +
A simple discountinuos buffer system for increased resolution and speed in gel electrophoretic analysis of DNA sequence 1-gen-1989 DEL SAL, GIANNINOMANFIOLETTI, GUIDALBERTO +
Activation of p53 by conjugation to the ubiquitin-like protein SUMO-1 1-gen-1999 DEL SAL, GIANNINO +
Activation of the p53 pathway down-regulates the osteoprotegerin expression and release by vascular endothelial cells 1-gen-2008 RIMONDI, ErikaRUSTIGHI, ALESSANDRADEL SAL, GIANNINO +
Adenosine deaminase, a key enzyme in DNA precursors control, is a new p73 target. 1-gen-2003 DEL SAL, GIANNINO +
Aggresome-forming TTRAP mediates pro-apoptotic properties of Parkinson's disease-associated DJ-1 missense mutations. 1-gen-2009 CALLIGARIS, RAFFAELLADEL SAL, GIANNINO +
Assignement of the E1A-regulated transcription factor gene(E4F17 to human chromosome band 16p13.3 by in situ hybridization and somatic cell hybrids 1-gen-1998 MERONI, GERMANADEL SAL, GIANNINO +
Autophosphorylation and Pin1 binding coordinate DNA damage-induced HIPK2 activation and cell death 1-gen-2013 MANTOVANI, FIAMMADEL SAL, GIANNINO +
Autoregulatory control of the p53 response by caspase-mediated processing of HIPK2 1-gen-2006 DEL SAL, GIANNINO +
Brd7 is a candidate tumor suppressor gene required for p53 transcriptional activity. 1-gen-2010 MANTOVANI, FIAMMATOCCO, FRANCESCADEL SAL, GIANNINO +