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A comparative study of oxygen storage capacity over Ce0.6Zr0.4O2 mixed oxides investigated by temperature-programmed reduction and dynamic OSC measurements 1-gen-2001 HICKEY, JAMES NEILFORNASIERO, PaoloDI MONTE, ROBERTAKASPAR, JANGRAZIANI, MAURO +
A general exit strategy of monoheme cytochromes c and c2 in electron transfer complexes? 1-gen-2015 DE MARCH, MATTEOBRANCATELLI, GIOVANNADEMITRI, NICOLADE ZORZI, RITAHICKEY, JAMES NEILGEREMIA, SILVANO
A Simple Tetraminocalix[4]arene as a Highly Efficient Catalyst under "On-Water" Conditions through Hydrophobic Amplification of Weak Hydrogen Bonds 1-gen-2017 HICKEY, JAMES NEILGEREMIA, SILVANO +
Activities and Selectivities of Copper / Metal Oxide Catalysts at Temperatures Relevant to Chemical Heat Pumps Based on Isopropanol / Acetone Interconversions 1-gen-1996 HICKEY, JAMES NEIL +
Air Pollution from Mobile Sources: Formation and effects and Abatement Strategies 1-gen-2014 HICKEY, JAMES NEILBOSCARATO, ILANKASPAR, JAN
An intramolecularly self-templated synthesis of macrocycles: self-filling effects on the formation of prismarenes 1-gen-2021 Geremia S.Hickey N. +
Anion Recognition by Partial Cone Dihomooxacalix[4]arene-Based Receptors Bearing Urea Groups: Remarkable Affinity for Benzoate Ion 1-gen-2018 Brancatelli, GiovannaHickey, NealGeremia, Silvano +
Automotive catalytic converters: Current status and some perspectives 1-gen-2003 KASPAR, JANFORNASIERO, PaoloHICKEY, JAMES NEIL
Calix[2]naphth[2]arene: A Class of Naphthalene-Phenol Hybrid Macrocyclic Hosts 1-gen-2020 Geremia S.Hickey N. +
Calixarene-Based lead receptors: an NMR, DFT and X-Ray synergetic approach 1-gen-2021 Hickey N.Geremia S. +
Catalytic and Physicochemical Characterizations of Novel Oxide-supported Copper Catalysts, Part 1. - Hydrosol-prepared Cu / TiO2 and effects of prereduction on Hydrogenation and Oligomerisation of Acetone 1-gen-1993 HICKEY, JAMES NEIL +
Confused-Prism[5]arene: a Conformationally Adaptive Host by Stereoselective Opening of the 1,4-Bridged Naphthalene Flap 1-gen-2023 Geremia, SilvanoHickey, Neal +
Conventional vs. Microwave-or mechanically-assisted synthesis of dihomooxacalix[4]arene phthalimides: NMR, X-ray and photophysical analysis 1-gen-2021 Hickey N.Geremia S. +
Design of a Thiosemicarbazide-Functionalized Calix[4]arene Ligand and Related Transition Metal Complexes: Synthesis, Characterization, and Biological Studies 1-gen-2019 Geremia S.Hickey N.Asaro F.Nitti P. +
Dihomooxacalix[4]arene-based fluorescent receptors for anion and organic ion pair recognition 1-gen-2020 Hickey N.Geremia S. +
Ditopic Receptors Based on Dihomooxacalix[4]arenes Bearing Phenylurea Moieties With Electron-Withdrawing Groups for Anions and Organic Ion Pairs 1-gen-2019 Hickey N.Geremia S. +
ECOMOS: Abbattimento di inquinamento da motori marini 1-gen-2011 BOSCARATO, ILANHICKEY, JAMES NEILKASPAR, JAN
Effect of the support on activity of silver catalysts for the selective reduction of NO by propene 1-gen-2010 HICKEY, JAMES NEILBOSCARATO, ILANKASPAR, JAN +
Effect of ZrO2 content on textural and structural properties of CeO2-ZrO2 solid solutions made by citrate complexation route 1-gen-2003 KASPAR, JANFORNASIERO, PaoloBALDUCCI, GABRIELEDI MONTE, ROBERTAHICKEY, JAMES NEILSERGO, VALTER
Effects of the nature of the reducing agent on the transient redox behaviour of NM/Ce0.68Zr0.32O2 (NM= Pt, Pd and Rh). 1-gen-2001 HICKEY, JAMES NEILFORNASIERO, PaoloKASPAR, JAN +