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A. Martinez; Angeles Martinez  

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A massively parallel exponential integrator for advection-diffusion models 1-gen-2009 MARTINEZ CALOMARDO, ANGELES +
A new preconditioning approach for an interior point-proximal method of multipliers for linear and convex quadratic programming 1-gen-2021 Martinez Calomardo Angeles +
A parallel algorithm for matrix inversion based on the Sherman-Morrison formula 1-gen-2000 MARTINEZ CALOMARDO ANGELES +
A parallel algorithm for matrix inversion based on the Shermann-Morrison formula 1-gen-2000 Martinez A +
A parallel exponential integrator for large-scale discretizations of advection-diffusion models 1-gen-2005 MARTINEZ A +
A parallel Schur complement method for the neutron diffusion equation 1-gen-2000 Martinez A +
A Stochastic Modified Limited Memory BFGS for Training Deep Neural Networks 1-gen-2022 Yousefi M.Martinez Calomardo A.
A stochastic nonmonotone trust-region training algorithm for image classification 1-gen-2022 Yousefi, MahsaAngeles Martinez Calomardo
An efficient parallel meshless method for geomechanical models 1-gen-2007 MARTINEZ A +
An Efficient Parallel MLPG Method for Poroelastic Models 1-gen-2009 MARTINEZ A +
Banded target matrices and recursive FSAI for parallel preconditioning 1-gen-2012 Angeles Martinez +
BFGS-like updates of constraint preconditioners for sequences of KKT linear systems in quadratic programming 1-gen-2018 Angeles Martinez Calomardo +
Block Preconditioning Matrices for the Newton Method to Compute the Dominant λ-Modes Associated with the Neutron Diffusion Equation 1-gen-2019 Martinez, Angeles +
BSP study of different pivoting strategies 1-gen-1996 MARTINEZ A +
Compact quasi-Newton preconditioners for symmetric positive definite linear systems 1-gen-2020 Martinez Angeles +
Comparing Leja and Krylov approximations of large scale matrix exponentials 1-gen-2006 MARTINEZ CALOMARDO, ANGELES +
Complexity issues of the solution of triangular systems on BSP computers 1-gen-1996 MARTINEZ A +
Deep Neural Networks Training by Stochastic Quasi-Newton Trust-Region Methods 1-gen-2023 Yousefi, MahsaMARTINEZ CALOMARDO, ANGELES
Efficiently preconditioned inexact Newton methods for large symmetric eigenvalue problems 1-gen-2015 A. Martínez +
Eigenanalysis of finite element 3D flow models by parallel Jacobi-Davidson 1-gen-2003 MARTINEZ CALOMARDO, ANGELES +