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Bounded Extrinsic Noises Affecting Biochemical Networks with Low Molecule Numbers 143
Effects of delayed immune-response in tumor immune-system interplay 110
Distributed delays in a hybrid model of tumor-Immune system interplay 87
Tumour suppression by Immune System through Stochastic Oscillations 82
Bounded noises as a natural tool to model extrinsic fluctuations in biomolecular networks 59
Fine-tuning anti-tumor immunotherapies via stochastic simulations 53
The Interplay of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Bounded Noises in Biomolecular Networks 41
Stochastic Hybrid Automata with delayed transitions to model biochemical systems with delays 36
A hybrid model of Tumor-Immune System interaction with Immunotherapies. 26
NOISYSIM: exact simulation of stochastic chemically reacting systems with extrinsic bounded noises 23
A bi-parametric model for the tumour angiogenesis and antiangiogenesis therapy 16
The ASSET Research Project as a Tool for Increased Levels of Preparedness and Response to Public Health Emergencies 16
Bifurcation thresholds in a SIR model with information-dependent vaccination 13
A nonlinear mathematical model of cell turnover, differentiation and tumorigenesis in the intestinal crypt 13
A general framework for modeling tumor-immune system competition and immunotherapy: Mathematical analysis and biomedical inferences 13
Dynamics of partially mitigated multi-phasic epidemics at low susceptible depletion: phases of COVID-19 control in Italy as case study 13
A Fractional Model of Complex Permittivity of Conductor Media with Relaxation: Theory vs. Experiments 12
A family of models of angiogenesis and anti-angiogenesis anti-cancer therapy 12
Analysis of mandibular dose distribution in radiotherapy for oropharingeal cancer : Dosimetric and clinical results in 18 patients 12
A generalization of Gompertz law compatible with the Gyllenberg-Webb theory for tumour growth 12
Bistable Endemic States in a Susceptible-Infectious-Susceptible Model with Behavior-Dependent Vaccination 12
Bistable endemic states in a susceptible-infectious-susceptible model with behavior-dependent vaccination 12
‘Period doubling’ induced by optimal control in a behavioral SIR epidemic model 12
Behavioral SIR models with incidence-based social-distancing 11
Fine-tuning Anti-tumour Immunotherapies by Means of Stochastic Simulations. 11
Vaccination policies and non-linear force of infection: generalization of an observation by Alexander and Moghadas (2004) 11
Tumor eradication by antiangiogenic therapy: analysis and extension of the model by Hahnfeldt et al (1999) 11
A Lyapunov stability of an SIRS epidemic model with varying population: ecological vs physical approaches 11
Optimal vaccination choice, vaccination games, and rational exemption: an appraisal 11
Angiogeneza nowotworow jako object sterowania 11
Behavioral epidemiology of infectious diseases: an overview 11
Seasonality in epidemic models: a literature review 10
Dose distribution in 3-dimensional conformal radiotherapy for prostate cancer: Comparison of two treatment techniques (six coplanar fields and two dynamic arcs) 10
A Method to estimate the incidence of communicable diseases under seasonal fluctuations with application to cholera 10
A note on the global behaviour of the network-based SIS epidemic model 10
Anti-VEGF and beyond: shaping a new generation of anti-angiogenic therapies for cancer 10
Global Stability of Infectious Disease models with contact rate as a function of prevalence index 9
Modeling the Influence of Public’s Memory on the Corruption–Popularity Dilemma in Politics 9
Volatile opinions and optimal control of vaccine awareness campaigns: chaotic behaviour of the Forward-Backward Sweep algorithm vs heuristic direct optimization 9
Vaccinating behaviour, information, and the dynamics of SIR vaccine preventable diseases 9
Biomathematical Analysis and extension of the new class of epidemic models proposed by Satsuma et al. (2004) 9
Angiogenesis and vessel co-option in a mathematical model of diffusive tumor growth: The role of chemotaxis 9
The interplay between voluntary vaccination and reduction of risky behavior: a general behavior-implicit SIR model for vaccine preventable infections 9
Vaccinating behaviour and the dynamics of vaccine preventable infections 9
A behavioural modelling approach to assess the impact of COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy 8
Spatial behavioral responses to the spread of an infectious disease can suppress Turing and Turing-Hopf patterning of the disease 8
Tumor-immune system interaction: Modeling the tumor-stimulated proliferation of effectors and immunotherapy 8
Vaccine demand driven by vaccine side effects: Dynamic implications for SIR diseases 8
Properties of Bounded Stochastic Processes Employed in Biophysics 8
’Fuzzy oncology’: Fuzzy noise induced bifurcations and their application to anti-tumor chemotherapy 8
Formalization of temporal thematic map contents 8
J-SPACE: a Julia package for the simulation of spatial models of cancer evolution and of sequencing experiments 7
Bounded-noise-induced transitions in a tumor-immune system interplay 7
Pulse vaccination strategy in the SIR epidemic model: Global asymptotic stable eradication in presence of vaccine failures 7
Measuring Progress Against Cancer in Europe. Has the 15% Decline targeted for 2000 come about ? 7
Boundedness vs Unboundedness of A Noise Linked to Tsallis q-Statistics: The Role of The Overdamped Approximation 7
The dynamics of tumour-vasculature interaction suggests low-dose, time-dense anti-angiogenic schedulings 7
Dynamic behaviour of a discrete-time SIR model with information dependent vaccine uptake 7
Fatal SIR diseases and rational exemption to vaccination 7
Control Problems Related to Tumor Angiogenesis 7
Optimal Control for Combination Therapy in Cancer 7
Prides and prejudices in the relationships between bio-mathematicians and biomedical researchers: a tale of two misbehaviors 7
Bounded Noises and their applications in Physics, Biology and Engineering 7
New Challenges for Cancer Systems Biomedicine 7
Bounded noises as a natural tool to model extrinsic fluctuations in biomolecular networks 6
Responsible Research and Innovation Associated With Risk Communication and Public Engagement on Health Emergency Preparedness at the Local Level 6
Maps and Atlases of Cancer Mortality: review of a useful tool to trigger new questions 6
Modeling the effects of information-dependent vaccination behavior on meningitis transmission 6
Delay-induced Oscillatory dynamics of Tumor-Immune System Interaction 6
Pharmacodynamics of the p53-Mdm2 targeting drug Nutlin: the role of gene-switching noise 6
Modeling of pseudo-rational exemption to vaccination for SEIR diseases 6
Three-Dimensional Conformal or Stereotactic Reirradiation of Recurrent, Metastatic or New Primary Tumors : Analysis of 108 patients 6
Globally stable endemicity for infectious diseases with information-related changes in contact patterns 6
Stability property of Pulse Vaccination Strategy in SEIR epidemic model 6
On the interaction between the Immune System and an exponentially replicating Pathogen 6
Evasion of tumours from the control of the immune system: consequences of brief encounters 6
Role of Radiotherapy in the Treatment of Cervical Lymph Node Metastases from an Unknown Primary Site: Retrospective Analysis of 113 Patients 6
Cancer Mortality Trends in the EU and Acceding Countries up to 2015 6
Modelling cell populations with spatial structure: Steady state and treatment-induced evolution of tumour cords 6
Resistance to chemotherapy due to bounded-noise induced transitions 6
Optimization of Antiangiogenic Therapy as Optimal Control Problem 6
“Noisy Oncology”: Some Caveats in using Gaussian Noise in Mathematical Models of Chemotherapy 6
Bounded Extrinsic Noises Affecting Biochemical Networks with Low Molecule Numbers 5
Toward More Realistic Social Distancing Policies via Advanced Feedback Control 5
The effects of containment measures in the Italian outbreak of COVID-19 5
Modelling temporal thematic map contents 5
Coronavirus – scientific insights and societal aspects 5
Chemotherapy of vascularised tumours: role of vessel density and the effect of vascular pruning 5
The impact of vaccine side effects on the natural history of immunization programmes: an imitation-game approach 5
The response to antiangiogenic anticancer drugs that inhibit endothelial cell proliferation 5
Globally attractive oscillation in open monosubstrate allosteric enzyme reaction 5
On Optimal Delivery of Combination Therapy for Tumors 5
Metamodeling the learning-hiding competition between tumours and immune system: a kinematic approach 5
Regression and regrowth of tumour cords following single-dose anticancer treatment 5
Fractal growth of tumors and other cellular populations: Linking the mechanistic to the phenomenological modeling and vice versa 5
Three-dimensional conformal postoperative radiotherapy in patients with parotid tumors: 10 years' experience at the European Institute of Oncology 5
On a family of models of Cell Division Cycle 5
Rapidly acting antitumoral antiangiogenic therapies 5
Thyroid disorders in patients treated with radiotherapy for head and neck cancer: a retrospective analysis of seventy-three patients 5
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