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SNAPSHOT USA 2020: A second coordinated national camera trap survey of the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic 35
The importance of animal behavior for ecosystem services 30
Seed predation and dispersal by small mammals in a landscape of fear: effects of personality, predation risk and land-use change 29
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Effects of forest disturbance, snow depth, and intraguild dynamics on American marten and fisher occupancy in Maine, USA 23
Umbrella effect of monitoring protocols for mammals in the Northeast US 22
Developing cost-effective monitoring protocols for track-surveys: An empirical assessment using a Canada lynx Lynx canadensis dataset spanning 16 years 22
SNAPSHOT USA 2019: a coordinated national camera trap survey of the United States 21
Assessing the effectiveness of trail cameras with attractants to detect northeastern mammals 21
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The status of research on the mammals of Sulawesi, Indonesia 20
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Small mammal personalities generate context dependence in the seed dispersal mutualism 17
Environmental heterogeneity and population density affect the functional diversity of personality traits in small mammal populations: Functional diversity of personality 17
American eel personality and body length influence passage success in an experimental fishway 16
Pulsed resources and the resource-prediction strategy: a field-test using a 36-year study of small mammals 16
Modulation of ecosystem services by animal personalities 15
Effects of trap confinement on personality measurements in two terrestrial rodents 14
Managing uncertainty in movement knowledge for environmental decisions. 13
Predation risk and personality influence seed predation and dispersal by a scatter-hoarding small mammal 12
The genetic structure and connectivity in two sympatric rodent species with different life histories are similarly affected by land use disturbances 11
Demographic mechanisms linking tree seeds and rodent population fluctuations: insights from a 33-year study 10
Conservation of species occupying ephemeral and patchy habitats in agricultural landscapes: The case of the Eurasian reed warbler 9
Ecological and spatial drivers of population synchrony in bird assemblages 8
Distribution of nocturnal birds (Strigiformes and Caprimulgidae)in relation to land-use types, extent and configuration in agricultural landscapes of Central Italy 7
A new species of Margaretamys (Rodentia: Muridae: Murinae: Rattini) from Pegunungan Mekongga, southeastern Sulawesi, Indonesia 7
Conservation of species occupying ephemeral and patchy habitats in agricultural landscapes: the case of the Eurasian Reed Warbler 6
Acorns were good until tannins were found: Factors affecting seed-selection in the hazel dormouse (Muscardinus avellanarius) 6
Contrasting effects of pine plantations on two skinks: results from a large-scale "natural experiment' in Australia 6
Which vegetation characteristics determine the quality of habitat for the hazel Dormouse (Muscardinus avellanarius L.)? A comparison of fragmented landscapes in central Italy 5
Analisi demografica del Moscardino (Muscardinus avellanarius) in paesaggi frammentati: presentazione di un progetto in corso d'opera 5
Absent or non-detected? an application of occupancy models in fragmented landscapes 5
Population genomic structure of a widespread, urban‐dwelling mammal: The eastern grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) 4
Ecology of small mammals in fragmented landscapes: population dynamics and optimal conservation strategies 4
Fine-scale habitat heterogeneity influences occupancy in terrestrial mammals in a temperate region of Australia 4
Ecology of small mammals in fragmented landscapes: population dynamics and optimal conservation strategies 4
Detectability of the European red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) in a Mediterranean area 4
Distinct haplotype structure at the innate immune receptor Toll-like receptor 2 across bank vole populations and lineages in Europe 4
Testing for the relative contribution of patch neighborhood, patch internal structure, and presence of predators and competitor species in determining distribution patterns of rodents in a fragmented landscape 4
Effect of habitat amount, configuration and quality in fragmented landscapes 4
Perdita e Frammentazione degli habitat 4
Distribution and coexistence of shrews in patchy landscapes: A field test of multiple hypotheses 3
Dams facilitate predation during Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) smolt migration 3
Environmental heterogeneity modifies the link between personality and survival in fluctuating small mammal populations 3
Forest and snow rather than food or foe limit the distribution of a generalist mesocarnivore in winter 3
Using global remote camera data of a solitary species complex to evaluate the drivers of group formation 3
Conserving large mammals on small islands: A case study on one of the world’s most understudied pigs, the Togean islands babirusa 3
Differential habitat use between demographic states of black bears in managed timber forests 3
Effetti della perdita e frammentazione degli habitat sui mammiferi (Carnivori, Insettivori e Roditori): implicazioni per la conservazione 3
Using empirical models of species colonization under multiple threatening processes to identify complementary threat-mitigation strategies 3
In the Lyme light: individual trait determinants of Borrelia burgdorferi infection in Peromyscus mice 3
Evaluation of scent-station surveys to monitor the distribution of three European carnivore species (Martes foina, Meles meles, Vulpes vulpes) in a fragmented landscape 2
Multiple broods from a single mating in the hazel dormouse (Muscardinus avellanarius). 2
Forest management affects individual and population parameters of the hazel dormouse Muscardinus avellanarius 2
Field identification of Apodemus flavicollis and Apodemus sylvaticus: a quantitative comparison of different biometric measurements 2
Habitat fragmentation causes overcrowding? A case study about rodent small mammals (Apodemus flavicollis, Apodemus sylvaticus, Myodes glareolus) in central Italy 2
Rating the rat: global patterns and research priorities in impacts and management of rodent pests 2
Designing carnivore surveys 2
The role of habitat quality in fragmented landscapes: a conceptual overview and prospectus for future research 1
Which vegetation characteristics determine the quality of habitat for the hazel Dormouse (Muscardinus avellanarius L.)? A comparison of fragmented landscapes in central Italy 1
The vacant planting: limited influence of habitat restoration on patch colonization patterns by arboreal marsupials in south-eastern Australia 1
Experimental design and taxonomic scope of fragmentation studies on European mammals: current status and future priorities 1
Long distance field crossings by hazel dormice (Muscardinus avellanarius) in fragmented landscapes 1
Evidence of a local range expansion in a fragmentation-sensitive species: the case of the red squirrel in central Italy 1
Nota sulla dimensione dei nidi e successo delle covate di Cannaiola (Acrocephalus scirpaceus) in fragmiteti del Litorale Romano (Italia Centrale) 1
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