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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
The lithosphere structure beneath the Beneu Trough from modeling gravity fields of GOCE and EGM08 1-gen-2011 PIVETTA, TOMMASO FERRUCCIO, MARIABRAITENBERG, CARLA
The Lithosphere-Asthenosphere System in the Calabrian Arc and Surrounding Seas - Southern Italy. 1-gen-2006 PANZA, GIULIANO +
The lithosphere-asthenosphere: Italy and surroundings. 1-gen-2003 PANZA, GIULIANO +
The lithospheric density structure of the Eastern Alps 1-gen-2006 BRAITENBERG, CARLA +
The local Calderòn problem and the determination at the boundary of the conductivity 1-gen-2009 ALESSANDRINI, GIOVANNI +
The Local Cluster Mass Function from Optical Virial Analysis 1-gen-1999 GIRARDI, MARISAMARDIROSSIAN, FABIOMEZZETTI, MARINOBORGANI, STEFANO +
The local economic impact of cruises: from figures to the active policies of the European harbour cities 1-gen-2012 TORBIANELLI, VITTORIO ALBERTO
The Local Field of the ElectronGas 1-gen-1996 SENATORE, GAETANO +
The local galaxy density and the arm class of spiral galaxies 1-gen-1994 MONACO, PierluigiMARDIROSSIAN, FABIOMEZZETTI, MARINO +
The local galaxy density and the bars of spiral galaxies 1-gen-1993 MARDIROSSIAN, FABIOMEZZETTI, MARINOMONACO, Pierluigi +
The Local Galaxy Density and the Bulge-to-Disk Ratio of Disk Galaxies 1-gen-1995 MONACO, PierluigiMARDIROSSIAN, FABIOMEZZETTI, MARINO +
The local index formula for SUq(2) 1-gen-2005 LANDI, GIOVANNI +
“The Logic of Empire. Old and New Concepts in the European Geopolitical Reconstruction”. 1-gen-2002 BATTISTI, GIANFRANCO
The Long Adiós: The PSOE and the End of the Zapatero Era 1-gen-2013 BOSCO, Anna
The long and winding road.Multiscale molecular modeling approach to the self-assembly of di/triblock copolymers for drug delivery in aqueous solution 1-gen-2009 POSOCCO, PAOLAFERMEGLIA, MAURIZIOPRICL, SABRINA
The Long-Run Performance of IPOs in Italy: A Comparison of Venture and Non-Venture-Backed Companies 1-gen-2012 Rossi F
The long-standing 1991-1993 Mt. Etna eruption: petrography and geochemistry of lavas 1-gen-1994 PETRINI, RICCARDO +
The Longo-Galasso Criterion for Huffman Codes: an Extended Version 1-gen-1989 FABRIS, FRANCESCO
The Loppio Oolitic Limestone (Early Jurassic, Southern Alps): A prograding oolitic body with high original porosity originated by a carbonate platform crisis and recovery 1-gen-2017 FRANCESCHI, MARCO +
The Ludlow-Pridoli Section “Genna Ciuerciu” west of Silius 1-gen-1998 CORRADINI, CARLO +
Mostrati risultati da 88.460 a 88.479 di 96.437
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